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German Long sword
German Long sword
This weapon was developed for Miles Robinson and Christian Vivo of Academy of European Fighting Arts in Los Angeles.
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The off-hand weapon to the German Zweihander.
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About New Stirling Arms Wasters

The Perfect Waster is expertly balanced; a new standard in wasters.  While other wasters are blade heavy, the weight of The Perfect Waster resides in the pommel thereby increasing its accuracy and speed.  The purpose of this is to give the user the feel of the steel weapon for which they are training, making for a smoother transition from wood to steel.   Many people tell us that once they use our wasters, they cannot return to a standard waster. The grace and ease with which you can wield this sword will convince you that it is indeed, The Perfect Waster.

The different styles have evolved through feedback from countless, experienced swordsmen; the blade lengths are preferred; the quillons simple and strong rather than ornate and weak; the grips are shaped to fit the hand and maintain control of the weapon; the pommels are typical of each particular style of sword. Rather than provide myriad options, we have streamlined our designs to meet the functional needs of a trained sword fighter. The Perfect Waster is individually handcrafted of hickory and built to be durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. We are confident in its engineering to the point that we will repair or replace a broken sword should it fail at an early age.

"New Stirling Arms' wasters are sturdy, balanced and realistic. The Perfect Waster is of supreme quality, a new standard in wasters; it feels alive in your hand. Most wooden swords are blade heavy, pulling you off your intended target. The Perfect Waster is light and graceful to wield, increasing its accuracy."

Stephen Fick
Davenriche European Martial Artes School
Campbell, CA

"This is one the finest wasters I have had the pleasure to handle. It moves exceedingly well and will serve beautifully for those embarking on a study of medieval and Renaissance swordsmanship."

Brian Price,
Schola St. George

"These are very well-made wasters, resilient and sturdy with good balance. They are robust, attractive weapons that handle well and hold up to training. The lighter model is ideal for novices and youth and should appeal to anyone seeking a finely crafted, wooden sword."

John Clement, Director of the ARMA (Association of Renaissance Martial Artists)

ARMA Approved - We are proud to say that The Perfect Waster is ARMA approved. During the first few months of 2004, many ARMA members took our swords to the test, offered feedback and helped us to achieve this goal. We offer thanks to John Clements, Stew Feil and other ARMA members who supported us through this process.

Quantity Discount - We are pleased to offer a discount of 10% for all orders of 3 or more swords ordered at the same time and shipped to the same address. Quantity discount does not apply to custom orders.

Our Guarantee - As stated, we will repair or replace a broken waster should it fail at an early age, provided the sword is returned to us first for inspection. We are not, however, the Benevolent Society of the Everlasting Waster. This of course, would be business suicide. We reserve the right to deny a replacement past 6 months from the date of sale. Also, if you modify or in anyway alter the design of an NSA waster, the guarantee is void. We will only replace or repair a sword once and it will be marked with an R in the serial number. We highly recommend not using wasters, ours or any others, against a pell or other stationary object. Although our wasters are extremely well engineered, wood is just wood and there is a limit as to how much of a beating it will take. We could make you a wooden club, but it would not resemble the waster for which we have become known. 

Our guarantee does not apply to custom work as these are weapons that have not been put through the extensive testing that we impose on our standard models and their durability is yet unknown.

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