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 One Hand Leaf Blade
One Hand Leaf Blade
A distinctive one hand with a curved quillon and leaf blade.
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Designed for Paul Tosetti of Fearless Fitness, this Messer has a notched blade and a longer grip.
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Italian Side Sword Item Name:
Italian Side Sword
Item #:

Due the complexity of this piece, we only make 4 runs of this waster a year.  Orders will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  If you place an order for this waster, we will notify you as to when you can expect to receive your order.


- Perfect Style -


Overall length  42-1/2"


Hilt length       10"


Blade length    28"


Quillon width  9-1/2"


Blade width     1-3/4"


"The Italian Side Sword waster is a great training option for 1500s Italian swordsmanship, such as Bolognese Swordsmanship or the system of Giacomo di Grassi. The sword is well-balanced, comfortable in the hand, and the hilt allows the wielder to finger the ricasso--without undue risk of a smashed finger. I would highly recommend this waster to any student of swordmanship. In addition, the Main Gauche Dagger make an excellent accompanying piece to learn to use the sword and dagger weapon combination."

Steven Reich
Order of the Seven Hearts
NoVA Assalto

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